TPM, Haskell and RPC mapped through NOVA

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Thu Nov 20 19:47:32 CET 2014

Hi Thomas,

2014-11-11 12:08 GMT+03:00 Thomas Strobel <ts468 at ...270...>:
> My next question is how difficult it is to write Genode applications in
> Haskell. Is there an environment which can run Haskell applications,
> something similar to the Haskell Lightweight Virtual Machine for Xen? [2]
> A few words about Haskell in Genode.
I tried to use Haskell in Genode earlier this year. As the compiler I used
AJHC [1]. This compiler translate code in Haskell to C code and easy
integrated to Genode's build system. For using AJHC in Genode must be
ported his runtime. Looks work for simple applications. To call a Genode's
functions can be used a C-wrapper. It is suitable for writing client
applications. But I encountered a limitation of the compiler to call
Haskell functions from C/C++ code that is required for writing server
applications. Perhaps these problems can be solved, but I don't have enough
experience in Haskell.

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