The mouse cannot work when I ran demo

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Thu Mar 27 15:10:32 CET 2014

Hello Keqin,

it looks like the PS/2 driver is getting user input (filling the ring
buffer) but the input client (which is nitpicker in the demo scenario)
is not requesting the input from the driver in a timely manner. There
could be several causes for this:

* The nitpicker GUI server could not be started correctly. To see
  whether the problem lies within nitpicker, you might try instrumenting
  the code (located at os/src/server/nitpicker/'). For example,
  add a PDBG message at the 'Nitpicker::Main::Main' constructor.
  You might also instrument the 'Nitpicker::Main::handle_input'
  function to see a message each time, the GUI server gets an input
  event from the driver.

* There is a problem in Qemu's PS/2 device model. Depending on the
  emulated hardware platform, some versions of Qemu have problems
  with emulating certain peripherals. We have repeatedly experienced
  such problems. Could you give a different Qemu version a try?
  I recommend to build Qemu from source:

  Btw, currently, I am using version 1.6.2, which works fine for me.

* The timer driver might not work correctly and thereby prevent
  nitpicker from fetching input events. To see if the timer works,
  please give 'make run/timer' a try. The corresponding run script
  is located at 'os/run/'.

* The framebuffer driver might not work correctly, causing nitpicker
  to get stuch. To see if the framebuffer driver is working on your
  platform, please give 'make run/framebuffer' a try. The corresponding
  run script is located at 'os/run/'.

For further investigation, please provide us with the information about
which version of Genode and which base platform you are using. Also, the
complete log output would be helpful.


On 03/23/2014 04:31 PM, Sun Keqin wrote:
> Hi all,
>     I met a problem when I ran "demo" on Ubuntu which installed on
> MACBOOK PRO with VMWare Fusion. The mouse didn't show up and the log
> printed below. I have tried to change the size of Ring_buffer but it
> didn't work. What should I do to fix that?
> Thanks
> Keqin
> [init -> launchpad] --- entering main loop --- 
> [init -> ps2_drv] C++ runtime: Ring_buffer<unsigned char, 1024>::Overflow
> [init -> ps2_drv] void* abort(): abort called

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