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Thu Mar 27 11:33:50 CET 2014

Hi Alif,

On 03/26/2014 06:38 AM, Alif Hamka wrote:
> hello, my name is alif, I'm from Computer Engineering, EEPIS.
> I just start learning about gnode and really interested about this
> framework.
> What I want to ask is I've interested with this article
> I've download and unpack the image onto my SD Card.
> Is there any steps before I can boot this image on my pandaboard?
> I've tried using minicom just like when using linux on pandaboard. But it
> won't initialized.
> Please help me.

Actually, all steps required are documented in that article. So if
you've followed them step by step, the demo should work. Maybe, you
should do a 'sudo sync' after you've copied the image to the SD card via
'zcat' or 'dd'.

Maybe you can post the output of your serial line, after you booted the
Pandaboard with the prepared SD card? BTW. the serial line should be
configured to use 115200 as baudrate.


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