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Fri Mar 21 11:11:32 CET 2014


I understand that R/W accesses to physical space are made through the RM
session. Is this sequence of events correct?

1. Create a Dataspace_capability.
2. Allocate a dataspace as env()->ram_session->alloc(size) which returns a
dataspace_capability to the aforementioned DS.
3. Attach the dataspace as env()->rm_session()->attach(ds) which returns a
void pointer having the virtual address pointing to the starting address of
the dataspace.

So if one were to write to this virtual address, it goes through the
RM_session and eventually writes to the physical address. My question is,
calling attach(ds) in one process and the same attach(ds) in another is
going to return different virtual addresses. Will writing to these
different (virtual) addresses give the same result?

Is there a function that can be called to print what physical address is
mapped to where? And can the contents of Dataspace_capability be printed in
a readable form?

Thanks and regards
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