How can I use a specific ram address?

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Fri Mar 21 09:46:00 CET 2014


> What else should I do to make sure foc kernel address is moved and
> nothing else can use [0, 0x02200000) ?

in the log you can see that Genode's core has indeed registered the
address range as MMIO region:

 :io_mem: Allocator 2470be0 dump:
 Block: [00000000,02200000) size=02200000 avail=02200000

Note that 'avail' matches the 'size'. So the range is known as a MMIO
resource and thereby will remain unused until a "device driver"
explicitly asks for the specific MMIO resource (i.e., when creating an

In the allocator for physical memory, the corresponding range is not
known. The first known range starts at 0x2200000:

  :ram_alloc: Allocator 2470784 dump:
  Block: [02200000,0220001c) size=0000001c avail=00000000

In other words, everything looks fine. :-)

> Also, I have confirmed that  Attached_io_mem_dataspace can work in this
> case, because what I write in uboot can be read correctly in genode.

Great! Thank you for the feedback and for having taken the time to post
a summary of your findings.


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