OMAP4 Sd card ported to OMAP3

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Wed Mar 12 15:51:01 CET 2014

Hi Bob,

it seems you're using some outdated version of Genode. For instance, the
callback function 'complete_packet' doesn't exist anymore. When using
the benchmark test, like you did, there is no block service instantiated
at all. The benchmark test is collocated with the driver directly.
Therefore, there is no session instantiated, and registered at the
driver. So, if the session pointer is used without an additional check,
it would explain the pagefault you're experiencing. Maybe this is the
case in your version?
In the current block driver framework of Genode, direct accesses to the
session pointer (for asynchronous working drivers) are eliminated.
I've just tested the sd_card_bench run script on the Pandaboard with
current Genode version, where it works.
I'm sorry for the inconvenience, the whole block layer got a few
face-lifts within the past three months.


On 03/12/2014 02:58 PM, Bob Stewart wrote:
> I'm  trying to get SD card support running on a Beaglebone (OMAP3). The
> sdcard driver from the Pandaboard (OMAP4) implementation should work, as
> the same MMC hardware is used on both boards. With only changes to the
> hardware address and the irq to reference one of the mmc instances on
> the Beaglebone, I successfully detect an SD card and read one block from
> it. This was done using the content of the /sd_card_bench/ run script.
> After the successful block read (non-dma), a call is made in the driver
> to "/complete_packet/" in the session pointed to from the Block driver.
> This call fails at the call tx_sink()->ready_to_ack() into the
> session_rpc_object with:
> /no RM attachment (faulter 802d208c with IP 81009fc4 attempts to read
> from address 200)//
> //unknown signal context/.
> Does this indicate that the rpc object was not set up correctly? Since
> I'm using the code in the OMAP4 /bench///directory untouched to run
> this, I would not have expected an issue with the block driver set up.
> Any advice would be appreciated, as I dig further in the Genode rpc's.
> Thanks,
> Bob Stewart
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