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Wed Mar 12 13:12:15 CET 2014

Hello Aditya,

I had another look into test-framebuffer and uncovered the actual bug:
The test never calls Frambuffer_session::refresh(). Framebuffer client
should always call this function to refresh updated framebuffer
regions. For most hardware drivers refresh() is not needed as these
directly map the buffer, which is used by the hardware to refresh the
screen representation.

On Wed, Mar 12, 2014 at 04:22:44PM +0530, Aditya Kousik wrote:
> We're basically running tests for our framebuffer driver on our Genode port
> for i.MX6 board. Similar results. No concrete display on the LVDS display.
> The screen gets pixelated gradually from black to complete white. While
> this could be a fault with the driver, it'll still be good to know how to
> debug it. What ARM board did you carry out your experiments with?

I just used hw_pbxa9 in Qemu, but the i.MX53 SABRE framebuffer works
reliable to my knowledge.

> Also, are there other run scripts to test framebuffer?

The Genode demo scenario (make run/demo) is more complex but well

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