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Ok, let I check again, because nothing happened and I still stuck in QEMU 

All of this route all interfaced from core to acpi, and ACPI provides PCI and IRQ:
	<start name="acpi">
		<resource name="RAM" quantum="12M"/>
		<binary name="acpi_drv"/>
			<service name="PCI"/>
			<service name="IRQ" />
			<any-service> <parent/> <any-child /> </any-service>

Time should use IRQ session from ACPI, and all other (LOG, RM) from core:

	<start name="timer">
		<resource name="RAM" quantum="1M"/>
		<provides><service name="Timer"/></provides>
			<service name="IRQ"><child name="acpi" /></service>
			<any-service> <parent /> <any-child /></any-service>

AHCI uses all sessions from core instead of IRQ which provided by ACPI:

	<start name="ahci">
		<binary name="ahci" />
		<resource name="RAM" quantum="10M" />
		<provides><service name="Block" /></provides>
			<service name="IRQ"><child name="acpi" /></service>
			<any-service> <parent /> <any-child /></any-service>

The same thing about nic_drv:

	<start name="nic_drv">
		<resource name="RAM" quantum="3M"/>
		<provides><service name="Nic"/></provides>
			<service name="IRQ"><child name="acpi" /></service>
			<any-service> <parent /> <any-child /></any-service>

BTW, if I remove AHCI -  everything works fine. 

> You just revealed a superfluous route. There is indeed no point in
> having the route for PCI specified for the ACPI driver because the
> ACPI driver will never open a PCI session. Internally, the ACPI driver
> spawns an instance of the PCI driver as a child process, but this is
> of no concern for the init configuration.
> You can safely remove the "PCI" route. Just make sure that the IRQ
> session of the ACPI driver is routed to core's IRQ session. The second
> rule (for '<any-service>') takes care of that because '<parent />'
> appears before '<any-child />.
> We will remove the superfluous route from the README (and the places
> where this configuration snippet was copied). Thanks for the notice!
> Cheers
> Norman
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