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Hi Mahe,
I have no sure formula for your problem but some hints.
While developing HDMI drivers for the Arndale and the Panda board, we
had to realize that the corresponding reference manuals provided
insufficient information for our needs. Thus we switched to another
approach. First, we looked out for a Linux-based system that was able to
run HDMI on the targeted board (maybe helps). Then we
replaced the kernel of this system by a Linux that we build by ourselves
using preferably identical sources and configs. If the system still
worked after this, we modified the kernel in such a way that it provided
a trace of the raw MMIO-accesses that are relevant for HDMI. This can be
done using printk either by patching the generic __raw_read*() /
__raw_write*() macros in arch/arm/include/asm/io.h (in this case,
early-startup stuff and UART must be filtered out) or by patching driver
specific functions (e.g. hdmi_write_reg/hdmi_read_reg). Be aware that
HDMI normally depends also on other components such as power/clock
management or graphic preprocessors.


On 30.06.2014 13:21, Mahe Mohan wrote:
> Hello,
> As we have to develop framebuffer for i.mx6. We were referring
> materials regarding i.mx6 framebuffer. We gained some knowledge on how
> to deal with this but we dont know from where to start. Can you please
> guide us??
> Thanks,
> Mahe
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