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Wed Jun 11 12:45:17 CEST 2014

We have connected i.mx6 quad board to our pc and trying to build genode on
it  but it shows the following message. Can you help me out on how to
generate qemu. We created the build directory using the same
./tool.create_builddir hw_imx6 BUILDDIR=build.imx. When we tried to compile
the build directory by using make run/demo it shows the following message

 make[1]: Leaving directory `/home/user100/Downloads/casl-
spawn qemu-system-arm -m 256 -serial mon:stdio -kernel
No machine specified, and there is no default.
Use -machine help to list supported machines!
: spawn id exp6 not open
    while executing
"expect {
        -i $running_spawn_id -re $wait_for_re { }
        eof     { puts stderr "Error: Spawned process died unexpectedly";
exit -3 }
        timeout { puts ..."
    (procedure "wait_for_output" line 17)
    invoked from within
"wait_for_output $wait_for_re $timeout_value $qemu_spawn_id"
    (procedure "spawn_qemu" line 60)
    invoked from within
"spawn_qemu $wait_for_re $timeout_value"
    (procedure "run_genode_until" line 14)
    invoked from within
"run_genode_until forever"
"/home/user100/Downloads/casl-secureos-def5067bb56c/os/run/" line
    invoked from within
"source $include_name"
    ("foreach" body line 3)
    invoked from within
"foreach include_name [get_cmd_arg --include ""] {
    puts "using run script $include_name"
    source $include_name
    (file "/home/user100/Downloads/casl-secureos-def5067bb56c/tool/run"
line 812)
make: *** [run/demo] Error 1

We are currently using genode-14.05.

Thank you
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