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Hi Norman,
Please ignore the last post. Getting very fed up with Hotmail. I trashed the mail halfway through writing it and it was still sent!
Moving this in a slightly different direction. If a lgpl, application stack library, compatible with Genode, was packaged with a Genode bundle, then I assume that this would be ok without the need for any licensing?
I'm just trying to establish licensing use-cases for Genode.
Best regards,Nick

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> Hi Nick,
> > then the own custom software components need not be licensed under GPL
> > and need not make their code available; even if the underlying operating
> > system used is licensed under the GPL, applications running on it are
> > not considered derivative works.'
> > 
> > So in our case, we don't have an issue with GPL. Phew! :)
> Your conclusion does actually not apply to Genode. The Linux kernel has
> an explicit clause at the top of its COPYING file that exempts
> user-level programs on top of Linux from being considered "derived work":
> Genode has no such exemption clause. Such a clause would actually not
> make much sense because in Genode, most traditional in-kernel
> functionalities are separate programs. If we defined a license boundary
> around each program (as the Linux kernel does), this would correspond to
> defining a license boundary around each Linux kernel module. This would
> obviously undermine the spirit of the GPL.
> The Genode framework is, for the most part, a collection of libraries,
> against which programs are linked when running on the platform. Because
> those libraries and interfaces are GPL software, programs using those
> libraries have to comply with the terms of the GPL. Put simply: Genode
> is Free Software. Software that is based on Genode should be Free
> Software, too.
> If you intend to facilitate Genode to build a non-free software stack,
> commercial licensing should be investigated. This way, proprietary
> software built on top of Genode helps indirectly to bring Free Software
> forward by funding its development.
> Best regards
> Norman
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