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Mon Jan 6 16:39:44 CET 2014

On 01/02/2014 12:27 PM, Norman Feske wrote:
> Happy New Year everybody!

Happy New year!

> What are topics that you wish to see in Genode throughout the year 2014?
> Or are you working on a particular feature that you plan to integrate
> into Genode?

Well, I'd like to see Genode supporting some privacy/security
applications for a broader audience. As the non-functional, security
aspects of Genode (e.g.: low TCB) are one of its major benefits.
Therefore, I would vote for supporting TOR either server, or client
side, or even both on Genode. One possibility would be to support a
ready to use live image containing TOR client, and a configured browser,
which enables users to browse anonymously.

Best regards

> Cheers
> Norman

Stefan Kalkowski
Genode Labs ยท

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