Roadmap 2014

Alexander Boettcher alexander.boettcher at ...1...
Mon Jan 6 14:39:17 CET 2014

On 02.01.2014 12:27, Norman Feske wrote:
> * Virtualization on NOVA/x86:
>   Port of a "mainstream" VMM to Genode/NOVA. I am a fan of the Seoul
>   (ex Vanvouver) VMM. However, I get repeatedly asked for features
>   that people universally expect but that are unavailable on Seoul,
>   i.e., Windows guest support. In the future, I'd like to pull a
>   positive answer to such questions out of my sleeve.

As discussed with Norman today in the morning, we can add the following
to the road map:

For base-nova several extensions are planned to cope better with (or
better: to avoid) situations where the kernel runs un-controlled
out-of-memory. Some of the goals are

 * to limit the amount of kernel memory a process can consume
 * to adjust the limit based on some policies dynamically
 * ideally to have a kernel memory allocator per protection domain
 * to not hold/deadlock the whole kernel if one process runs out-of-memory

Several experiments already look promising, so we're expecting here
changes this year to base-nova of Genode.



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