Genode System Architecture and Configuration Questions,

J. M. Becker cyberpunkspike at ...9...
Fri Feb 28 07:23:57 CET 2014

Hi Genode Engineers.

I've been following the Genode project for a few years, and I'm very
excited about it's progress.  I've worked through some of the build
instructions, and read most of the documentation on the website.  I've been
able to test out various run files, and I want to begin porting some stuff.
 I just have a few questions, which would help me understand how you
envision the system level considerations.

1. Do any library level diagrams or flowcharts exist?  Specifically to
describe at which point various pieces funnel together?  Maybe something
with details comparable to

2. How are shared configuration files handled?  For example, system level
configurations often found in /etc?

Thanks Everyone,
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