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As far as the session interfaces are concerned, the framework is very
intricately designed (hats off). Connection->Client->Capability->Session.
If I want to call a function defined by the session interface, one has to
include the <session_name>/connection.h and make a call which then calls
the Rpc_functionName. My question is this: Where is the body of such
functions defined? Is there a framework that dictates where the body of the
function goes?

More specifically, this doubt came up when exploring the
Attached_io_mem_dataspace which contains a function called dataspace().

Recently, my friend Aditya posted
it gave the error 'No RM attachment', which is found in the function
print_page_fault defined in util.h. My assertion is that a component that
uses the MMIO class initlaiised with this dataspace().local_addr() rather
than the physical address itself.

Long story short, what could have caused this page fault?

Thanks in advance,
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