Genode and GRUB2 on real PC hardware

Alexander Boettcher alexander.boettcher at ...1...
Tue Dec 23 21:33:05 CET 2014


On 23.12.2014 21:16, "Christian Böhme" wrote:
> Please see the attachment for its contents. Now, when booting, the actual
> module loading process seems to succeed (at least GRUB did not complain),
> but  core  ended up spouting
>     ROM module "init" not present

Adding the binary name as part of the commandline worked for me (some
time ago), e.g.:

module      ${genode_dir}/core
module      ${genode_dir}/config config
module      ${genode_dir}/init init
module      ${genode_dir}/timer timer
and so on for all modules after core


> while attempting to construct object  rom  of type  Rom_connection  at
> ⟨genode-dir⟩/repos/base/src/core/ To me this implies that  init
> isn't actually loaded. Anyone seen this before? Everything else being okay,
> I suspect there's something wrong with GRUB.
> Oh, and what's this  ⟨demo-build-dir⟩/var/run/demo/boot/bender  doing? It's
> a 32 bit executable even though anything else is 64 bit. Why is that?
> Cheers,
> Christian
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