Roadmap 2015

Josef Söntgen josef.soentgen at ...1...
Mon Dec 22 22:52:50 CET 2014

Like Norman, I would like the year 2015 to be “the year of the Genode
Desktop” [sic] and focus more closely on refining certain components
and completing their functionality, i.e. using multiple USB storage
devices at the same time, being able to resize a terminal window,
having audio support on newer HDA chipsets to better fit my personal
needs and of course the integration of existing components. This way
it eventually also gets easier to provide a new live-cd ;-)

Within the meaning of using Genode it might be reasonable to formulate
a few specific needs and how to (possibly) address them:

  * A reasonably comfortable way to configure and start new subsystems
    dynamically at run time (as a first step by extending cli_monitor
    and combing it with noux to create new configurations)

  * More natural interaction with files (presenting them in a graphical
    way by attaching a particular “view” depending on its type)

  * Usable E-Mail client appliance (for starters by using the usual
    mutt+msmtp+isync+gpg setup in isolated noux instances)

  * Access to remote resources via network (NFS/SMB in rump_fs could
    be enabled, a simple protocol like 9p2000 could be implemented)

  * Being able to browse the “modern” web on Genode (though we have
    Arora, porting an actively maintained browser like Qupzilla is
    worthwhile, imho — sadly lynx does not count anymore in this day
    and age) (*)


(*) On that account, there is several Qt5 based applications like
    mumble, phototonic, transmission, vlc and so on, which should be
    fairly easy to port to Genode and might serve as a stop-gap
    solution for particular tasks.

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