Starting TZ_VMM on imx6

Swaminathan Ramesh swaminathan.v.ramesh at ...9...
Wed Dec 10 07:07:23 CET 2014

Hello all,

I am currently working on TZ_VMM on the imx6 platform. Though the majority
of the code is extremely similar to the imx53 port that is already present,
there is a problem that arises due to the TrustZone Protection Controller
for imx6.

The address for the TZPC for imx6 is different from the TZPC of imx53 and
the Versatile Express ports that already exist in Genode, so these
addresses do not work when I used them.

The TZPC base address for imx6 is not provided in the Freescale
documentation or on the ARM infocenter. I was wondering if you guys can
give me any ideas on how to go about solving this issue.


Best regards,
Swaminathan Ramesh
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