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Sat Oct 19 10:38:22 CEST 2013

I'm trying to build the Pi platform.
Running: gcc-arm-linux-gnueabi --version gives:arm-linux-gnueabi-gcc (Ubuntu/Linaro 4.6.3-1ubuntu5) 4.6.3
I've created the build.rpi directory with platform as hw_rpi. I then do a 'make run/demo' which results in :
using run script /home/nick/genode-13.08/base-hw/run/envusing run script /home/nick/genode-13.08/os/run/demo.runspawn make core init drivers/timer server/nitpicker server/liquid_framebuffer app/launchpad app/scout test/nitpicker server/nitlog drivers/framebuffer drivers/pci drivers/inputmake[1]: Entering directory `/home/nick/genode-13.08/build.rpi'checking library dependencies...Skip target core/arndale because it requires platform_arndaleSkip target core/imx31 because it requires platform_imx31Skip target core/imx53 because it requires platform_imx53Skip target core/panda because it requires platform_pandaSkip target core/pbxa9 because it requires platform_pbxa9Skip target core/vea9x4/no_trustzone because it requires platform_vea9x4Skip target core/vea9x4/trustzone because it requires platform_vea9x4 trustzoneSkip target drivers/framebuffer/imx53 because it requires imx53Skip target drivers/framebuffer/omap4 because it requires omap4Skip target drivers/framebuffer/pl11x/pbxa9 because it requires pl11x platform_pbxa9Skip target drivers/framebuffer/pl11x/vea9x4 because it requires pl11x platform_vea9x4Skip target drivers/framebuffer/pl11x/vpb926 because it requires pl11x platform_vpb926Skip target drivers/framebuffer/sdl because it requires linux sdlSkip target drivers/input/fiasco_ux because it requires fiasco x86Skip target drivers/input/imx53 because it requires imx53Skip target drivers/input/ps2/pl050 because it requires pl050Skip target drivers/input/ps2/x86 because it requires x86 ps2Skip target drivers/pci/device_pd because it requires novaSkip target drivers/pci/x86 because it requires x86  Library platform    MERGE    platform.lib.a  Library mini_c    COMPILE  abort.o    COMPILE  atol.o    COMPILE  malloc_free.o    COMPILE  memcmp.o    COMPILE  memset.o    COMPILE  mini_c.o    COMPILE  printf.o    COMPILE  snprintf.o    COMPILE  strlen.o    COMPILE  strtod.o    COMPILE  strtol.o    COMPILE  vsnprintf.o    MERGE    mini_c.lib.a  Library libz_static    COMPILE  adler32.o    COMPILE  compress.o    COMPILE  crc32.o    COMPILE  deflate.o    COMPILE  gzio.o    COMPILE  infback.o    COMPILE  inffast.o    COMPILE  inflate.o    COMPILE  inftrees.o    COMPILE  trees.o    COMPILE  uncompr.o    COMPILE  zutil.o    MERGE    libz_static.lib.a  Library libpng_static    COMPILE  png.o    COMPILE  pngerror.o    COMPILE  pngget.o    COMPILE  pngmem.o    COMPILE  pngpread.o    COMPILE  pngread.o    COMPILE  pngrio.o    COMPILE  pngrtran.o    COMPILE  pngrutil.o    COMPILE  pngset.o    COMPILE  pngtrans.o    COMPILE  pngwio.o    COMPILE  pngwrite.o    COMPILE  pngwtran.o    COMPILE  pngwutil.o    MERGE    libpng_static.lib.a  Library cxx    COMPILE  exception.o    COMPILE  guard.o    COMPILE  malloc_free.o    COMPILE  misc.o    COMPILE  new_delete.o    COMPILE  unwind.o    MERGE    supc++.o    CONVERT  supc++.o    MERGE    cxx.lib.a  Library syscall    COMPILE  syscall.o    MERGE    syscall.lib.a  Library base-common    COMPILE  allocator/allocator_avl.o    COMPILE  allocator/slab.o    COMPILE  avl_tree/avl_tree.o    COMPILE  child/child.o    COMPILE  console/console.o    COMPILE  elf/elf_binary.o    COMPILE  heap/heap.o    COMPILE  heap/sliced_heap.o    COMPILE  ipc.o    COMPILE  ipc/ipc_marshal_cap.o    COMPILE  lock/lock.o    COMPILE  process/process.o    COMPILE  server/common.o    COMPILE  server/server.o    COMPILE  signal/common.o    COMPILE  signal/signal.o    COMPILE  thread/thread_bootstrap.o    COMPILE  thread/trace.o    MERGE    base-common.lib.a  Library startup    COMPILE  _main.o    ASSEMBLE crt0.o    MERGE    startup.lib.a  Library base    COMPILE  console/log_console.o    COMPILE  env/context_area.o    COMPILE  env/env.o    COMPILE  env/reload_parent_cap.o    COMPILE  thread/thread.o    COMPILE  thread_support.o    MERGE    base.lib.a  Library launchpad    COMPILE  launchpad.o    MERGE    launchpad.lib.a  Library blit    COMPILE  blit.o    MERGE    blit.lib.a  Library scout_widgets    CONVERT  binary_closed_icon.rgba.o    CONVERT  binary_downarrow.rgba.o    CONVERT  binary_kill_icon.rgba.o    CONVERT  binary_loadbar.rgba.o    CONVERT  binary_mono16.tff.o    CONVERT  binary_opened_icon.rgba.o    CONVERT  binary_redbar.rgba.o    CONVERT  binary_sizer.rgba.o    CONVERT  binary_slider.rgba.o    CONVERT  binary_titlebar.rgba.o    CONVERT  binary_uparrow.rgba.o    CONVERT  binary_vera16.tff.o    CONVERT  binary_vera18.tff.o    CONVERT  binary_vera20.tff.o    CONVERT  binary_vera24.tff.o    CONVERT  binary_verabi10.tff.o    CONVERT  binary_verai16.tff.o    CONVERT  binary_whitebar.rgba.o    COMPILE  elements.o    COMPILE  platform_genode.o    COMPILE  refracted_icon.o    COMPILE  scrollbar.o    COMPILE  sky_texture.o    COMPILE  startup.o    COMPILE  tick.o    COMPILE  widgets.o    MERGE    scout_widgets.lib.a  Program app/scout/genode/scout    COMPILE  about.o    CONVERT  binary_about.rgba.o    CONVERT  binary_backward.rgba.o    CONVERT  binary_cover.rgba.o    CONVERT  binary_forward.rgba.o    CONVERT  binary_genode_logo.png.o    CONVERT  binary_home.rgba.o    CONVERT  binary_index.rgba.o    CONVERT    CONVERT  binary_launchpad.png.o    CONVERT  binary_liquid_fb_small.png.o    CONVERT  binary_nav_next.rgba.o    CONVERT  binary_nav_prev.rgba.o    CONVERT  binary_pointer.rgba.o    CONVERT  binary_setup.png.o    CONVERT  binary_x-ray_small.png.o    COMPILE  browser_window.o    COMPILE  doc.o    COMPILE  launcher.o    COMPILE  main.o    COMPILE  navbar.o    COMPILE  png_image.o    LINK     scout  Program core/rpi/core    COMPILE  _main.occ1plus: error: unrecognized command line option ‘-std=gnu++11’make[3]: *** [_main.o] Error 1make[2]: *** [core.prg] Error 2make[1]: *** [gen_deps_and_build_targets] Error 2make[1]: Leaving directory `/home/nick/genode-13.08/build.rpi'Error: Genode build failedmake: *** [run/demo] Error 255

Any ideas on how to proceed?
Best regardsNick
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