Virtualization with trustzone into mx53

panton panton at ...215...
Tue Nov 26 18:11:07 CET 2013


I want to create a virtualized system with Genode in my imx53 board. At 
the moment, I am able to run Genode on the board with base-foc and also 
directly on hardware (base-hw). Thus, my plan was to run a linux kernel 
as a child node and hopefully run it into trustzone NS. Looking into 
Genode code I found base-hw/include/vm_session that seems to deal with 
virtualization. Furthermore there is a into 
base-hw/src/core.., but without real useful code.

I was wondering if there are implemented virtualization capabilities 
using trustzone or even without trustzone? If so, it would be great to 
have an example of how to use it.

Thanks in advance for answers!

Best regards,
Pablo Anton

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