base-hw ,,, What is CACHE_LINE_SIZE_LOG2?

bob robjsstewart at ...196...
Fri Nov 15 18:16:37 CET 2013

     Is CACHE_LINE_SIZE_LOG2 the line length in 32 bit words of the L2 
Instruction or Data caches? That's the only cache line length I see in 
the board spec of the am335x in its TRM.

I'm having a problem the initial start of the kernel, which appear to 
hang when the MMU is switched on in init_virt_kernel function. The tlb 
should set up correctly as I've defined the boards physical ram and MMIO 
regions in the Core_tbl class. The CACHE_LINE_SIZE_LOG2 parameter 
appears to be used as the stride length for walking the tlb. It is 
currently set at 2 only because that's the value used in the Panda and 
imx53 boards board_base.h. If that's not the problem, I'm at a loss as 
to what the issue could be since the CPU object is straight cortex-a8 
from the arm_v7 architecture. Any pointers to how to diagnose the issue 
would be a great help.


         Bob Stewart

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