NOVA : Intel IO ports and Guest Unrestricted mode.

Udo Steinberg udo at ...121...
Wed Nov 13 00:12:32 CET 2013

On Mon, 11 Nov 2013 22:01:27 +0530 avinash singh (AS) wrote:

AS> Thanks for your reply.  When I run my test cases on real physical hardware
AS> I can run it through properly and also run in unrestricted guest mode.
AS> Looks like Nested VT on Qemu_KVM environment is buggy. Anyway thanks for
AS> looking into this problem and giving nice thought.

Hi Avinash,

regarding running test cases, you could talk to Alexander Böttcher, who has
created a unit test framework for Genode. Another option is the novaboot
project by Michal Sojka (

What has worked well for us in the past is a combination of the novaboot
script and the Pulsar PXE boot loader to boot test cases on bare HW on a
nightly basis.

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