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Wed Nov 6 16:29:43 CET 2013

Hello Claudio,

thanks for the excellent writeup! I am curious how the story
continues... :-)


On 11/06/2013 01:54 PM, Claudio L. wrote:
> Hello,
> I'm creating this thread where I'll report the status of my port of 
> genode to the Odroid-XU board.
> Initial bootstrap went well. Board executed the bootstrap and hung right 
> after showing "Hello from startup::stage2", which is where most of the 
> hardware initialization takes place. Here's where the real porting job 
> begins.
> For others with the XU board, here's what I did to test it:
> * After having checked out genode repository, and installed the 
> additional packages per the genode instructions to build Fiasco.OC, 
> install one more package:
>  > apt-get install u-boot-tools
> This will give us the mkimage command we need.
> then, from the main genode directory:
>  > cd base_foc
>  > make prepare
>  > cd ..
>  > ./tool/create_builddir foc_arndale BUILD_DIR=build.exynos
>  > cd build.exynos
>  > make
> This make is just to see if you have anything missing. You should be 
> able to get to the end without any errors. If not, something went wrong.
> Now we need a small change to generate the uboot image:
>  > cd build.exynos/etc
> edit the file build.conf and add the line
> RUN_OPT = --target uboot
> then build the printf demo with:
>  > make clean [[make sure you are in the build.exynos directory]
>  > make run/printf
> If everything goes well, compile will end with an error saying it can't 
> run automatically on this target. This is normal, since we never removed 
> the lines in the run script that try to use qemu to run the test.
> The important thing is that in build.exynos/var/run/printf, there's a 
> 'uImage' file.
> Put the file on a microSD card, insert the card into the Odroid-XU.
> Connect to the serial console (I use the excellent Putty), configured as 
> 115200, 8N1. The name of the serial port might vary, depending on which 
> USB port the board was plugged in. To access the serial port, Putty 
> might need to be run as root.
> Boot the board and press space quickly to stop the boot process at 
> u-boot (green light on the board should be on).
> Now issue the following commands:
>  > mmc dev 1
>  > fatload mmc 1 0x60000000 uImage
> It should say it's OK and that it read about 600k from the sd card.
> finally, boot the image:
>  > bootm 0x60000000
> If everything goes well, you should see a lot of text in the console, 
> ending with "Hello from startup::stage2".
> That's as far as I got today. More to come...
> Claudio

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