Deploy genode on arndale

Claudio L. claudio at ...214...
Sat Nov 2 23:17:56 CET 2013

I'm new to genode but not new to develoment. I'd like to port genode to 
my dev board (Odroid-XU). To begin, I built the foc_arndale target 
successfully following the instructions.
What I couldn't find anywhere is instructions on how to build a boot 
image for u-boot, which files are needed in the image, entry point, etc.
Where can I find that information? An explanation or a link would be 

As a constructive critic to the Genode project: Documentation is 
fantastic, but there's nothing on how to create a partition, put all the 
files and boot on x86, or for other platforms as well (at least 
something generic, saying that we need to load the kernel image (where 
to find it in the path), the 'core' executable, drivers, build an image, 
The description on the website begins with how to configure the 'init' 
process, which says it is loaded by 'core', which is the first task 
started by the kernel. So how do we put it all together in an image?
I think we'd need an image with the kernel, core, init, the uart driver, 
and perhaps an sd/mmc driver, so that init reads the rest of the 
services from the sd card.
I noticed the build directory has a large file, fiasco.image (15 MB?), 
what does it contain?

I have too many questions, please bear with me. Once I learn all this, I 
can write some tutorials for other people like me.

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