l4android can not run rightly on Pandaboard?

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Mon Mar 25 15:38:08 CET 2013

I had build an image.elf with the l4android.run in the directory ports-foc/run on genode13.02 . I build with the platform foc_panda. When I run the image.elf on Pandaboard, it goes to some errors. here is the Error log:
[init] nitpicker: invalid route to non-existing server "fb-drv"
so I added the follow into l4android.run:
<start name="fb_drv">
<binary name="omap4_fb_drv"/>
<resource name="RAM" quantum="4M"/>
<provides><service name="Framebuffer"/></provides>
<start name="sd_card_drv">
<resource name="RAM" quantum="4M"/>
<provides><service name="Block"/></provides>
<start name="usb_drv">
<resource name="RAM" quantum="12M"/>
<service name="Input"/>
<service name="Nic"/>
<nic mac="2e:60:90:0c:4e:01" />
after that, I can start the l4android on Pandaboard. I can see something on "log_term" part and "terminal_log" part,but there are nothing on "android_term " part, l4android can not work rightly and system-ginger.img can not be started on Pandaboard ? How I can do to fix these problems?

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