Interrupts in L4Linux

Sartakov A. Vasily sartakov at ...104...
Wed Mar 20 15:26:41 CET 2013

> I suspect that the poor networking performance stems from the dde_ipxe
> networking driver, not L4Linux. I would definitely recommend to
> benchmark the dde_ipxe networking driver individually without L4Linux.
> E.g., by adding some code to the driver that transmits a predefined
> network packet and measure the throughput achieved.

Yes, thanks, we will.
anyway I guess in nearest future high-performance network subsystem
(Stack, drivers) will be one of the our priority tasks.

> Another test would be to connect two L4Linux instances via nic_bridge
> and perform the benchmark between both instances. If the communication
> over the virtual network performs well, we can rule out L4Linux and the
> 'Nic_session' interface from being the problem.

We use own realization of communication of two L4Linux. We will
compare performance of nic_bridge and our realization.
Now our performance via 2 L4Linux around 184 Mb. Performance
PC->NIC->L4Linux is 94Mb. I think performance L4Linux->NIC->L4Linux
will the same.

Sartakov A. Vasily

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