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Alexander Tarasikov alexander.tarasikov at ...9...
Mon Mar 18 20:20:44 CET 2013

2013/3/18 Sebastian Sumpf <Sebastian.Sumpf at ...1...>:
> Hi Alexander,
> On 03/18/2013 04:51 PM, Alexander Tarasikov wrote:
>> Hello, Genode Hackers!
>> I'm currently implementing an X86 PCI bus driver for L4Linux as a
>> temporary solution for
>> getting USB support in L4Linux.
>> Current genode-side code is presented below. The l4linux patch is not
>> ready, but I've
>> submitted the relevant part of the diff to pastebin (it's only
>> makefile and kconfig anyway)
>> I have implemented the linux driver which calls the Genode pci service
>> routines. I have
>> also extended the l4lx io library to allow mapping pci memory space.
>> With this patches,
>> the ehci and ohci drivers probe in linux, but fail to work because
>> interrupts are not triggered.
>> I have implemented the fake irq thread which kicks the irq handler
>> every millisecond and
>> with that usb works. This indicates that the pci subsystem and memory
>> mapping are
>> I've got some questions regarding interrupt handling in L4Linux and
>> Genode in general.
>> 1. Why are NR_IRQS_HW interrupts reserved on X86 in l4linux? The EHCI controller
>> wants the interrupt number 11 which is lower than NR_IRQS_HW. Ok, I
>> worked around
>> that by editing the constant and removing the "BUG_ON(NR_REQUESTABLE < 1)"
>> in arch/l4/kernel/irq.c init_array function
>> 2. How are capabilities actually assigned? it would seem to me that
>> l4x_register_irq allocates the capabilitiies in the first available
>> slot, but l4x_have_irqcap looks
>> it up by index. I've worked around it by explicitely allocating 12
>> capabilities via l4x_cap_alloc,
>> but still got error -2004 on irq attach. Now, I've had success in
>> attaching irq after I allocated
>> the capability via the following code in l4lx:
>> Genode::Foc_cpu_session_client cpu(Genode::env()->cpu_session_cap());
>> p->irq_cap = cpu.alloc_irq().dst();
>> 3. what's the purpose of multiplying the irq number by four in
>> l4_msgtag_t ret = l4_irq_attach(p->irq_cap, data->irq << 2,
>> l4x_cpu_thread_get_cap(p->cpu));?
>> As far as I can see, in the base-foc irq implementation, irq number is
>> never multiplied
>> 4. non-genode question, probably. Do EHCI/PCI interrupts need a
>> special kick to work? I've
>> tried using Genode::Irq_session for irq11, but wait_for_irq never
>> returns. On the other hand, I've
>> tried the regular linux iso on the same machine (which is actually
>> qemu) and the ehci interrupt
>> is indeed 11 and it works fine there.
>> So, the question is, why is interrupt handling broken and the only
>> working interrupt in l4linux is timer
>> which actually uses L4 timer ipc instead of irq and how this should be
>> fixed. Also, what do you think
>> of making a "genode" arch for linux and getting rid of l4linux which
>> uses the Fiasco.OC API bypassing
>> Genode interfaces?
> Since you are on x86 and it's interrupt eleven you are concerned about
> (is this Qemu?), I have one suggestion: Fiasco.OC on x86 uses the APIC
> instead of the aged PIC as interrupt controller. This means that the
> EHCI controller might not have IRQ 11 (on real hardware) or might have
> another interrupt mode on Qemu (lately IRQ 11 uses level/high instead of
> edge/high as trigger). To solve issues like that there is an ACPI driver
> in Genode. Please try adding 'drivers/acpi' to your scenario,
> add
> <start name="acpi">
>   <resource name="RAM" quantum="2M"/>
>   <binary name="acpi_drv"/>
>   <provides>
>     <service name="PCI"/>
>     <service name="IRQ" />
>   </provides>
>   <route>
>     <service name="PCI"> <any-child /> </service>
>     <any-service> <parent/> <any-child /> </any-service>
>   </route>
> </start>
Hi! Tried doing that (already after writing the email),
for some reason it failed to claim the config register
region (0xcf8), digging the source code I found out it is due to
region conflict. I was
running a minimal configuration: timer, pci_drv and acpi utilizing pci_drv.
Our tree is a bit out of sync, will try on genode master later.
I think it showed some errors, does it handle well boards with broken ACPI
(I guess you are aware that DSDT is mostly always not standard-compliant
due to Microsoft compiler)

So, the capability problem is related to the limitation on using <32
interrupts on x86,
right? I guess I won't have to worry about it.

Ok, I will try getting genode irq_session to work with it first.
Thanks for your suggestion.

> to your configuration file/run script, and remove the 'pci_drv' from
> your configuartion, since the driver will be started by the 'acpi_drv'.
> Hope this helps,
> Sebastian
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