Physical memory allocation.

Daniel Waddington daniel.waddington at ...161...
Fri Mar 15 23:24:26 CET 2013

For the purpose of NUMA based memory management, I would like to have 
Genode allow me to allocate physical memory at a specified address, 
i.e., support something like...

|||||||||virtual| ||Ram_dataspace_capability ||alloc||_at(|||size_t 
||size|||, addr_t start_address, |||bool ||cached|| |=| true|)||| ||=| 0|;

I figure I can temporarily hack this by extending 
Ram_session_component::alloc and using Range_allocator::alloc_addr.

Is there any danger here?

Can Genode be persuaded to extend the main line to support this?  An 
address range parameter instead of start address would be even better, 
i.e., try to allocate me some RAM somewhere between physical address X 
and Y.


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