error in make run/l4linux on fiasco.oc

yuqing wang happymoodmglm at ...9...
Tue Mar 12 09:03:16 CET 2013

I fix the issus, now the l4linux can run successfully.
I think it is somthing wrong with my network fisrt, but I am wrong.I just
make a mistake when I prepare something for compiling.
When I wanted to run l4linux, i followed the step according to the
file:<dir>/genode/base-foc/doc/foc.txt.Which says:

 The run script depends on an 'initrd.gz' archive,which has to reside in
'bin' in your build directory. You can find an example initramfs here:
  Initramfs archive for X86

I downloaded the "initrd.gz" file manually and put it into /bin  in my
build directory.But the run script has the following code:

if {[have_spec x86]} {
    set uri ""
} elseif {[have_spec arm]} {
    set uri ""
if {![file exists bin/initrd.gz]} {
    puts "Download initramfs ..."
    exec >& /dev/null wget -c -O bin/initrd.gz $uri

The "initrd" file source is not same with the one I downloaded manually.I
delete the old one,so the l4linux can run successfully.
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