Aw: Re: os/src/drivers/framebuffer/vesa is missing in git

Norman Feske norman.feske at ...1...
Sun Jun 23 14:20:52 CEST 2013

Hello Rudolf,

> You citated the Manual for L4/Fiasco, which I also found here
> but I tried the Fiasco.OC

that's right. Good that you noticed that!

> As an beginner in genode I just follow the manual and it behaves
> different as the last snapshot.
> If someone decides to throw out an important component, he (or she)
> should also look that genode stay runable !

The framebuffer driver was not removed. It was just relocated from the
'os' repository to the 'libports' repository because we updated the
x86emu library the VESA driver is based on. Prior the update, the
3rd-party code was included as part of the 'os' repository. Now, with
the update, we took the opportunity to use the download mechanism of
'libports' instead. This way, we avoid hosting 3rd-party code within the
Genode source tree.

If you are using genodelabs/master, I highly recommend to follow the
trail of commits. So you will capture important changes regarding the
use of Genode:

The change with regard to the VESA framebuffer is:

The corresponding discussion at the issue tracker can be found at:

> (In the Version 13.05 I have problems to compile l4linux, so I look, if
> the problem is already solved in the git)

We always compile and test L4Linux (among several other test scenarios)
for both x86 and ARM prior merging changes to the master branch. So
L4Linux is expected to work. If you ran into a problem, please post the
error here. So we can help. Accusing developers for breaking things for
you is not the most polite way to report problems though.


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