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I'd like to share the following excerpt of the latest Genode-Labs
newsletter with you:

Join us at Genode's Hack'n Hike event

In spring of 2012, we held the first instance of the Genode Hack'n
Hike, which were wonderful days full of hacking, relaxing, brain-
storming, and enjoying the magnificent nature of the Saxon Switzerland
together. From the feedback we got from the attendees, it goes
without saying that this should not stay a singular event, but
rather be the prelude of a tradition. Hence, we have fixed the date
for this year's Hack'n Hike:

  Begin: Wednesday, September 11
  End:   Monday, September 16

We extended the duration of the event over that of last year's.
Whether you'd like to drop by for just a few hours, or you'd like to
stay for the whole time, you are welcome to join in. Genode Labs
will sponsor the accommodation. So don't worry too much about the

As of now, we haven't finalized the decision about the venue, but
you can be sure that it will be a beautiful and romantic place,
presumably in Saxony/Germany or Bohemian Switzerland in Czech
Republic. If you have particular preferences regarding the
accommodation or leisure-time activities, then the best time to get
in touch with us is now. Also, if you plan attending, we'd greatly
appreciate a short notice, which will help us with planning ahead.
Please write to:

  hacknhike at ...1...

We at Genode Labs are looking forward to the gathering of the Genode
community in autumn and would love to welcome you!


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