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let me get back to this year's Genode Hack'n Hike planned for the 11th
to 16th of September. Since I posted the initial announcement (below),
we settled for a beautiful location in the Bohemian Switzerland in Czech
Republic. Check out the following links for wetting your appetite:

The location lends itself to a multitude of leisure activities. For
planning those activities and to discuss topics around the Hack'n Hike
event, there is a dedicated issue in the Genode issue tracker:

Please feel welcome to join in, whether to stay the whole time or just
for a short visit. Genode Labs will sponsor the accommodation, but the
available space is limited. If you consider to join this year's Hack'n
Hike, please send a short notice to the following email address to
register your participation:

  hacknhike at ...1...


On 06/05/2013 12:42 PM, Norman Feske wrote:
> Hello,
> I'd like to share the following excerpt of the latest Genode-Labs
> newsletter with you:
> Join us at Genode's Hack'n Hike event
> -------------------------------------
> In spring of 2012, we held the first instance of the Genode Hack'n
> Hike, which were wonderful days full of hacking, relaxing, brain-
> storming, and enjoying the magnificent nature of the Saxon Switzerland
> together. From the feedback we got from the attendees, it goes
> without saying that this should not stay a singular event, but
> rather be the prelude of a tradition. Hence, we have fixed the date
> for this year's Hack'n Hike:
>   Begin: Wednesday, September 11
>   End:   Monday, September 16
> We extended the duration of the event over that of last year's.
> Whether you'd like to drop by for just a few hours, or you'd like to
> stay for the whole time, you are welcome to join in. Genode Labs
> will sponsor the accommodation. So don't worry too much about the
> costs.
> As of now, we haven't finalized the decision about the venue, but
> you can be sure that it will be a beautiful and romantic place,
> presumably in Saxony/Germany or Bohemian Switzerland in Czech
> Republic. If you have particular preferences regarding the
> accommodation or leisure-time activities, then the best time to get
> in touch with us is now. Also, if you plan attending, we'd greatly
> appreciate a short notice, which will help us with planning ahead.
> Please write to:
>   hacknhike at ...1...
> We at Genode Labs are looking forward to the gathering of the Genode
> community in autumn and would love to welcome you!
> ------
> For the full newsletter, please refer to
> Cheers
> Norman

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