Dataspace juju

Christian Prochaska christian.prochaska at ...1...
Wed Jul 10 15:48:15 CEST 2013

On 07/10/2013 03:27 PM, Christian Prochaska wrote:
> attaching a single dataspace of size 107374182


"trying to attach 107374182 bytes of a (bigger) dataspace to
an Rm_session of the same size"

Since an Rm_session can be used as dataspace and dataspace sizes in
Genode always have page granularity, it should not be possible to have
an Rm_session of a size which does not have page granularity. Perhaps
the 'vm_size' should just get rounded up automatically to page
granularity like it is done in 'Ram_session_component::alloc()'?

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