Platform-specific files in the Genode system

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Wed Jul 3 12:17:12 CEST 2013

Hello Aditya,

thanks for trying out Genode and welcome to the list!

> I'm trying to port Genode on to pandaboard on Fiasco.OC. In
> base-foc/config there a list of platform specific kernel, user
> (panda.kernel and panda.user) files generated. How are those files
> generated?

Those files are generated by the configuration system of the Fiasco.OC
kernel and the L4re userland (from which we use some minor parts)

The 'panda.kernel' file a copy of a known-good Fiasco.OC configuration
for the Pandaboard. When issuing 'make kernel' from the Genode build
directly (created for the foc_panda), the kernel will be configured and
built using this configuration. You can find the result at
'<build-dir>/kernel/fiasco.oc'. If you like, you can modify the
configuration using the kernel's interactive configuration system via:

  make SYSTEM_TARGET=/usr/local/genode-gcc/bin/genode-arm

(invoked from within '<build-dir>/kernel/fiasco.oc') After exiting the
configuration interface, the new configuration will be written to
'globalconfig.out'. This file corresponds to the 'panda.kernel' file
that you just discovered. The 'panda.user' file is similar, but contains
the known-good configuration for the L4re build system.

> Also, in certain folders of os/src/drivers/ and os/include/ have
> platform specific files coded. How are they related/utilised to/in the
> build process?

Please let me point you to the documentation of the build system:

In short, the build process is steered by so-called SPEC values defined
per build directory. Those values describe the platform and are used to
select the proper targets and libraries. If there remain specific
questions unanswered by the documentation, please do not hesitate to
post them here. So we can improve the documentation accordingly.


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