[Genode] Possibility of genode capability-selector conflict while thread creation in Fiasco.OC

jaeyong yoo y.jaeyong at ...9...
Thu Jan 31 09:06:52 CET 2013

Hello, genode!

In Thread_base::start() function, there is a capability inserting part:

        Cap_index *i = cap_map()->insert(state.id, state.cap);
        l4_utcb_tcr_u(state.utcb)->user[UTCB_TCR_BADGE]      = (unsigned
long) i;
        l4_utcb_tcr_u(state.utcb)->user[UTCB_TCR_THREAD_OBJ] = (addr_t)this;

in the above, *state.kcap* is the cap-selector in the Genode CORE (where
Cpu_root is there).
And, Thread_base::start() function tries to create the capability with the
same value of state.kcap (it looks rather than delegating, uses direct
My question here is that, "could it be possible that the state.kcap value
is already taken by some other capability in the Genode application?"

Best regards,
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