[genode] bug report on nic_bridge

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Tue Jan 22 01:22:50 CET 2013

Hello Genode,

I think I found a bug on nic_bridge. Just briefly, nic_bridge uses memcmp
to maintain avl_tree for clients, but genode memcmp impl. is not fully
c-standard compatible.

nic_brdige uses address node which is a avl_tree node that uses
Genode::memcmp to determine which node is higher:

                        bool higher(Address_node *c)
                                using namespace Genode;

                                return (memcmp(&c->_addr.addr, &_addr.addr,
                                               sizeof(_addr.addr)) > 0);

Genode memcmp is not fully c-standard compatible: it only returns 0 or 1.

         * Compare memory blocks
         * \retval 0  memory blocks are equal
         * \retval 1  memory blocks differ
         * NOTE: This function is not fully compatible to the C standard.
        inline int memcmp(const void *p0, const void *p1, size_t size)
                char *c0 = (char *)p0;
                char *c1 = (char *)p1;

                size_t i;
                for (i = 0; i < size; i++)
                        if (c0[i] != c1[i]) return 1;

                return 0;

which makes Address_node avl_tree only grows in one direction (1 side).
Once the avl_tree is rebalanced, we never reach to the other side (0 side).

best regards,
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