Scientific groundwork [was] HelenOS kernel (Spartan) as a Genode platform

Norman Feske norman.feske at ...1...
Mon Jan 21 20:28:08 CET 2013

Hi John,

if you are interested in my personal vision behind Genode, you may find
the following link insightful:

That said, I do not want to convince you of anything. If you have
concerns that spending your time and energy on our project may be a
waste, please just don't do it. Vice versa, if you see that our work
aligns well with your goals, you are welcome to use it (it's Free
Software after all) or even contribute.

With "contribute" I specifically mean working with the code, not
evangelizing, or merely suggesting what could be implemented, or
entering philosophical debates. Maybe I mistook your "Scientific
groundwork" posting for going into the latter direction? Hence, my call
for staying on-topic when posting on the mailing list. Please do not
take it as offense - just keep the purpose of the mailing list in mind.


Dr.-Ing. Norman Feske
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