omap4 gpiomux driver

Alexander Tarasikov alexander.tarasikov at ...9...
Fri Jan 18 11:41:22 CET 2013

Hi, Genode hackers!

I'm just letting you know I've written the initial implementation
of the GPIO pinmux driver for omap4. So that if someone needs it, you
don't have to start from scratch.

The driver is in our 'tuna-hacks' branch. Currently, it's quite dirty (even
the extra file from u-boot
got commited accidentally).

Currently you can set alternate functions for pins, pullup/pulldown etc.
Just as in linux.
What is to be done yet before I'm ready to make a patch against upstream:
 * mux for WKUP pad. Currently, only CORE partition is supported
 * convert mux_bits.h to c++ style (add namespaces to avoid conflicts)

I would like to receive the following comments:
 * does it make sense to make separate MUX drivers for each SoC given how
specific they are
    or do we make it part of the GPIO interface?
 * how should we go about adding PRCM and clock stuff?

Regards, Alexander
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