HelenOS kernel (Spartan) as a Genode platform

Tobias Börtitz tbor87 at ...2...
Wed Jan 16 20:48:13 CET 2013


Paul, thank you for the comments. I will have a look at the issue trackers
during the next days after talking to the corresponding people. Even
updating the documentation an helenos's wiki may be a good idea at some

John, you may be misslead by the term "platform". The Genode framework is a
userland implementation of a capabilty based OS, which is capable of
running on top of different microkernels. The term "platform" in this case
refers to the used microkernel the framework is running on. In my case I
strip HelenOS of its userland and only use their microkernel (which is
called SPARTAN). So I port the Genode famwork to be able to run on top of
the new platform HelenOS/SPARTAN.
I do hope this clarifies things for you. If not, please let me know.

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