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Hi Daniel,

On 01/10/2013 11:57 PM, Daniel Waddington wrote:
> On the subject of improving network stack performance, I observe 50%
> less throughput on Genode+Fiasco.OC+LWIP versus Linux on exactly the
> same Intel-based hardware. I am sending UDP packets; Linux @ 324K PPS
> and Genode @ 167 KPPS.  Using 64bit kernels.  This is using
> out-of-the-box Genode IPXE DDE with E1000 NIC card.
> Does this performance difference sound reasonable and expected?  Is
> there some expected significant performance overhead with using DDE as
> opposed to a native NIC driver?

The drop may be reasonable, since we haven't optimized the IPXE driver
yet. LWIP also has a performance impact compared to the native Linux
TCP/IP stack, we already had a look at that, but couldn't get many insights.

> My next step will be to look at raw ethernet packet performance.

That's a got idea. Maybe you could simply drop the UDP packets at the
ethernet driver and raise some statistics on the throughput. For
performance optimizations you might have a look at especially under the
section 'Networking'. There we describe how we optimized the NIC for the
Pandaboard and got it to about 90% of the Linux performance.



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