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> The Rebol programming language has recently gone open source. It also
> has an existing open source equivalent of the Red language. Rebol code
> is designed to accomplish tasks with a minimum of coding. It seems
> that both Rebol and Genode have similar approaches to computing: a
> simplified, efficient means of getting things done. Could the adoption
> of Rebol or Red language help to get goals achieved in Genode? For
> example, just in getting a usable system up and running, so that more
> people could use the OS, and further development could then progress
> faster?

thank you for the notice. Admittedly, I am not well-versed on the topic
of Rebol and related languages. I remember that Kaj de Vos of the
Syllable project spoke very enthusiastic about it when I met him some
time ago. But I have not investigated this language since. So I cannot
really comment on how well it would fit with the concepts of Genode and
which tangible benefits we could gain from it. Now that it is Open
Source, I understand that it would be worth investigating.

If you like to take the first practical steps with porting it to Genode,
I would definitely be happy to assist.

> Also, have you given up on the live CD demo as a 2013 goal?

That is a good point. I am having this topic constantly in the back of
my head. We should definitely add it to the list.


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