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Thu Feb 28 09:44:31 CET 2013

Hello Dmitry,

thanks for your interest in Genode and welcome to the mailing list!

> I want to map a single memory page twice to two different virtual
> addresses with different attributes within a single address space. In
> particular (for testing purposes) I want to have a piece of memory
> that is accessible as cacheable and non-cacheable region at different
> addresses.

That would open a nasty can of worms. The behavior of the cache is
"undefined" when a same physical page is mapped with different caching
attributes. This is exactly what we are observing right now. Since core
receives physical memory from sigma0 always as cached memory, we
implicitly create such an inconsistency when mapping memory as uncached
outside of core (when creating a DMA buffer via 'Ram_session::alloc'
with the 'cached' argument set to false). In theory, if core never
touches the memory, this may be fine (actually this is the solution
suggested by Adam Lackorzynski on the L4 hackers mailing list). However,
core needs to touch the memory in order to clear it before handing it
out. Consequently, we inevitably run into the problem.

Because we think that this inconsistency is the key problem for the
weird cache behaviour that we see (i.e., with our OMAP4 HDMI driver with
L2 cache enabled), we are currently trying to find a way to avoid this
inconsistency altogether.

In short: Your idea is dangerous. I recommend to not even try that.

> How can I make this happen? Is this even possible with existing API?

The Genode API has not such means. The Fiasco.OC kernel principally
allows changing the caching attributes when mapping a page via a
flexpage mapping (e.g., as map item supplied to the IPC mechanism). So
in principle, you could use the kernel interface directly. But I would
recommend not to go that route because of the dangers outlined above.


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