Hacking core to pass base capabilities.

Daniel Waddington daniel.waddington at ...161...
Fri Feb 1 17:58:50 CET 2013

Hi Stefan,
Thanks for your quick response - I can now get the base capabilities 
through! (yeah) Your guidance really saved a lot of time! I will look at 
extending the IRQ session.


On 01/31/2013 10:04 AM, Stefan Kalkowski wrote:
> Hi Daniel,
> On 01/30/2013 11:51 PM, Daniel Waddington wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I am trying to hack Genode's core so that either init, or a child of
>> init, is given the L4_BASE_ICU_CAP.  This will allow (as a hack) direct
>> handling of IRQs from the kernel.  My problem is, is that I cannot see
>> how to get the native task cap (relevant to the parent process) for the
>> child process (e.g., from the Core_child or Child class) in order to do
>> the task map.
>> Can someone give me some hints?
> Every task in Genode/Fiasco.OC gets its task capability mapped into its
> capability space at position: "Fiasco::TASK_CAP" (please look at
> 'base-foc/include/base/native_types.h').
> The mapping is established when the first thread gets bound to the task,
> look at "bind_thread" in 'base-foc/src/core/platform_pd.cc'. We need the
> task capability anyway to move capabilities within a task.
> With respect to your attempts to get an ICU capability into a task
> beyond core: I would suggest to overload the IRQ session of
> Genode/Fiasco.OC in a similar manner like it's done for instance with
> the CPU session, look at: 'base-foc/include/foc_cpu_session/*'. The CPU
> session extension allows for example to allocate additional IRQ
> capabilities that can be associated with threads. This extension was
> introduced to enable running L4Linux on top Genode. I suppose you can
> extend the IRQ session the same way to return ICU capabilities to any
> children.
> Best Regards
> Stefan
>> Sorry to be hacking your beautiful design ;) and yes, I know this is bad
>> from a security perspective.
>> Daniel
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