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Fri Dec 27 23:20:03 CET 2013

Greetings Norman,

I am happy to report that I have been able to generate the
"seoul-fancy.iso". It looks like the problem was within the "tool/create_iso"
script. Well, not really a problem in the script, but more of a problem in
that my Debian 7.2 did not have "mkisofs" as it had been depreciated for
the newer "genisoimage" which is basically the same thing. I just created a
symbolic link from the genisoimage to mkisofs and the iso was generated

Then, I wrote the ISO to a disk and booted my real system into NOVA

I was able to see the Genode screen with the "init" link but I could not
see any mouse or keyboard actions as it looked like things had frozen. I
have a USZB mouse, but I think that it is something else as I had a similar
problem when I originally booted the NOVA v0.3 CD (2011.2) Demo.

It showed me 4 options in that demo I had to use the 3rd option when

NOVA Userland Demo (VESA, Broken Keyboard)

in order to get things to work on my physical machine as I think that it
has something to do with my keyboard.  I, further, noticed that the "Genode
Live CD 10.11" did not have any choice like the NOVA Demo CD and thus I
could boot the CD as well and see the graphics screen, but the mouse and
keyboard interface would not work. I suspect that this is the same problem

On this machine, I have "AMD Radeon 7660D Grsphics" integrated in the HP
Pavilian (p7-1451 PC) Next Gen AMD Quad-Core A10-5700 Accelerated Processor.

Perhaps we could try to find out what the NOVA group did for their boot
options and try to work that into Genode for the Seoul-Fancy builds.

I sincerely thank you for all of your help and assistance.

Kind Regards and have a great day,

On Fri, Dec 27, 2013 at 10:28 AM, Norman Feske <norman.feske at ...1...
> wrote:

> Hello Lonnie,
> > I have not gotten things to compile down to the final step but have an
> > error in creating the ISO for some reason even though I have
> > "genisoimage" installed.
> >
> > ----------------------------------------------------
> >
> >     COMPILE  syscall.o
> >     COMPILE  tss.o
> >     COMPILE  utcb.o
> >     COMPILE  vmx.o
> >     COMPILE  vtlb.o
> >     LINK     hypervisor
> > make[1]: Leaving directory `/home/lonnie/genode/gnova64'
> > genode build completed
> > using NOVA kernel at /home/lonnie/genode/gnova64/kernel/hypervisor
> > creating ISO image...
> > Error: ISO image creation failed
> > make: *** [run/seoul-fancy] Error 251
> > lonnie at ...223...:~/genode/gnova64$
> I don't know the reason from the tip of my head. To investigate, we need
> to take a closer look at the ISO-creation step. It is performed as part
> of the 'build_boot_image' function of the run script (NOVA-specific
> implementation at base-nova/run/env line 85), which calls the
> platform-independent function 'create_iso_image_from_run_dir' (located
> at tool/run line 419). The run tool, in turn, invokes the external
> utility tool/create_iso with the following arguments:
>   <genode-dir>/tool/create_iso iso ISO=<build-dir>/var/run/seoul-fancy
> The create_iso utility is actually a Makefile that uses the mkisofs
> command. Please take a look inside tool/create_iso to see the
> command-line options or, even better, remove the '@' character from line
> 40 to make the command arguments visible when create_iso is invoked the
> next time, and retry the create_iso step. For reference, when it works
> as it should, the output looks as follows:
>   mkisofs     -f -l -R -hide-rr-moved -jcharset utf-8 -no-emul-boot
> -boot-load-size 4 -boot-info-table -b boot/isolinux/isolinux.bin -o
> /open/build/genode/nova_x86_64/var/run/seoul-fancy.iso
> /open/build/genode/nova_x86_64/var/run/seoul-fancy
>   Warning: -follow-links does not always work correctly; be careful.
>   Size of boot image is 4 sectors -> No emulation
>    17.66% done, estimate finish Fri Dec 27 16:19:52 2013
>    35.28% done, estimate finish Fri Dec 27 16:19:52 2013
>    52.94% done, estimate finish Fri Dec 27 16:19:52 2013
>    70.54% done, estimate finish Fri Dec 27 16:19:52 2013
>    88.21% done, estimate finish Fri Dec 27 16:19:52 2013
>   Total translation table size: 2048
>   Total rockridge attributes bytes: 3617
>   Total directory bytes: 11126
>   Path table size(bytes): 64
>   Max brk space used 19000
>   28355 extents written (55 MB)
> The reason for the failure might be even unrelated to mkisofs. For
> example, the create_iso tool relies on binutils installed on your
> machine as it invokes the strip command. Or maybe there is not just not
> enough disk space left?
> Best regards
> Norman
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