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although I'm not Norman, I'd like to give an answer ;-)

On 12/24/2013 04:44 PM, Lonnie Cumberland wrote:
> Greetings Norman.
> I have actually just gotten the "make run/seoul-fancy" to complete.
> It seems that the script is missing:
>  ./home/lonnie/genode/ports/run/ No such file or directory

well obviously the run script isn't missing, otherwise you wouldn't get
the output stated below. If you take a look at current the current
master branch in Genode's repository, the script is located at

> ---------------------------------------------------------
> lonnie at ...223...:~/genode/build.lx$ make run/seoul-fancy
> using run script /home/lonnie/genode/base-linux/run/env
> using run script /home/lonnie/genode/ports/run/
> Download file bin/munich
> Download file bin/bzImage-3.1
> Download file bin/tc-browser.gz
> Seoul is solely supported on NOVA.
> ---------------------------------------------------------
> Any ideas?

Well, the run script clearly states what's going wrong. Seoul currently
can be built for Genode on top of NOVA only. It seems you're trying to
compile it for another base platform. Assuming your build directory's
name "build.lx" was choosen with intent, you're trying to compile it for
Genode on top of Linux, which isn't possible. Just change to your NOVA
build directory, or create it in the first place, and try it again.

Regards & merry X-mas

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