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Tue Dec 24 16:20:58 CET 2013

Greetings Norman

I hope that your holidays are going well.

I have been able, with the help of your wonderful guidance, to get the
seoul-fancy booted with Genode and the launchpad to show.

On the launchpad, there was only a "testinit" link in blue but it only
opened a blank window and did not boot tinycore-linux for some reason.

>   dd if=var/run/seoul-fancy.iso of=/dev/your_usb_stick_device bs=1M
> The scenario will show Genode's launchpad, where you can start a virtual
> machine by clicking on the blue text labeled "init". A new window will
> appear with Tinycore Linux booting. Given that your machine is connected
> to the internet (and a DHCP server is running on your network), you can
> even browse the net using Firefox.
> You can start a second Linux instance by clicking on the "init" button
> again.
Additionally, I have not been able to locate the seoul-fancy.iso yet,
although I am guessing that the "make run/seoul-fancy" creates the iso and
pipes it through qemu.

> In this scenario, each virtual machine is just a regular node of
> Genode's process tree, subjected to the same rigid security regime as in
> effect for all processes of the Genode system.

One thing that I did like in the NOVA demo v0.3 livecd was the base
interface. On that demo (NUL 2011.2), it showed, in a text screen,
something like:

NUL 2011.2

LWin+<arrow> navigates between screens .....

2  |      boot      |

1  |      HV         |                                                   |
    VM    |

    +--------------+       +==========+               +----------+
0  |  Manager  |        |    Tutorial       |                |    VMM   |
    +--------------+       +==========+               +----------+
             0                            1


with this scenario I can just use the "LWin+<arrow> or LWin+<F1-F12> to
navigate the the VMM of interest and start a VM as needed.  This approach
lets me flip to the desired NUL "console" which I think is very nice for
what I would like to accomplish initially.

What I would like to have is the something like this but using Genode
instead with perhaps something similar to the launchpad.

I think that I am off to a great start and will continue to investigate
Genode and NOVA as they very exciting and offer a lot of possibilities.
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