Genode Clarification Please

Udo Steinberg udo at ...121...
Thu Dec 19 00:27:15 CET 2013

On Sun, 15 Dec 2013 15:11:28 -0500 Lonnie Cumberland (LC) wrote:

LC> It would be nice to see a demo of the latest Genode and perhaps as simple
LC> install system so that it can be installed easily on to real harddisks or
LC> perhaps in virtualbox VM for further testing and developing.

Just a small thing to keep in mind: If you run NOVA+Genode in a VM on top of
another hypervisor, e.g. VirtualBox or KVM, you depend on those other
hypervisors implementing nested virtualization correctly. At least for KVM
this has historically not always been the case.

- Udo
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