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my take on it: Genode is an operating system _based_ on microkernels. Just
as Linux is not the operating system, but rather the kernel which then gets
supplemented by user-level applications to form an operating system. Genode
provides those services, but does not only support one API, but several
ones. In addition to the platforms you mentioned (NOVA, Fiasco, Linux, ...)
they developed a small internal kernel to support several ARM systems
without the need for an external kernel. I'm sure the maintainers can give
you a deeper insight into why this was done.

Don't confuse virtualization with the use of an underlying kernel, though.
With Genode/NOVA, the microhypervisor actually acts as a microkernel with
additional support for running virtual machines with hardware support
_within_ Genode.

Hope that helps,



On 13 December 2013 14:22, Lonnie Cumberland <
lonnie at ...218...> wrote:

> Greetings All,
> I am new to Genode and think that it is very nice solution for a
> microkernel OS for which I am trying to learn more about as it evolves into
> a fully fledged general operating system as I think that it has the
> potential to be much better than the majority that are currently available
> although it still seem to be a long ways from production quality at the
> moment.
> One thing that I am not clear about, and please forgive this question if
> it is a bit elementary as to something simple that I should have been able
> to ascertain, but I am confused on exactly where the Genode OS framework
> fall into place as an independent OS.
> The basis of my question is from the reading that I have been doing on the
> Genode website in which I can see that it can be compiled to run on
> baremetal as you would expect an OS to do, but why is it als able to be
> compiled to be used with other base platforms?
> I can understand why it might be used with NOVA, which is a
> microhypervisor and thus Genode could run as a user-land OS in a VM, but I
> do not see why Genode would need to be compiled against the other
> base-platforms like Linux, Fiasco, ....
> Can someone please clarify this for me?
> Kind Regards and have a great day my friends,
> Lonnie
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