[Question] Genode File/IO sync

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Thu Sep 27 14:34:48 CEST 2012


from your error description alone it's hard to tell what goes wrong. Can
you perhaps send us a test program (and run script) where the loss of
file content can be observed? The file content should get flushed when
closing the file via the 'close()' function. Does your test program do that?


On 09/27/2012 06:25 AM, 김연우 wrote:
> Dear Genode,
>   I'm having some trouble with the File I/O.
>   I implemented the File I/O test program to test the Genode. And then, I had 
> experienced a loss of file contents.
>   The root cause is my mistake that I doesn't call the fsync function at end of 
> writing. But I can't understand that the file contents is never flushed, even if 
> the application doesn't not call fsync. I assume that the file system of genode 
> doesn't not using the background flush.
>   Is it correct? And if it is right, could you tell me why genode doesn't not 
> provide the function of background flush?
> Best,
> Kim, Youn-woo.
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