Service Nic not yet available

Markus Partheymueller mail at ...119...
Wed Sep 5 10:23:40 CEST 2012

Hi Folks,

I'm trying to use the dde_ipxe NIC driver, but when I connect to the
service from within a launchpad-launched app, I get this message:

[init -> launchpad] init: service Nic not yet available - sleeping

But prior to that, the service was actually announced:

[init] child "nic_drv" announces service "Nic"

When I create the connection in the launchpad app, it works fine. The
relevant config snippets are:

        <start name="nic_drv">
                <resource name="RAM" quantum="2M"/>
                <provides> <service name="Nic"/> </provides>
        <start name="launchpad">
                <resource name="RAM" quantum="2G"/>
                <configfile name="launchpad-config"/>

And within the launchpad-config:

                        <service name="ROM"/>
                        <service name="RAM"/>
                        <service name="IRQ"/>
                        <service name="IO_MEM"/>
                        <service name="IO_PORT"/>
                        <service name="CAP"/>
                        <service name="PD"/>
                        <service name="RM"/>
                        <service name="CPU"/>
                        <service name="LOG"/>
                        <service name="SIGNAL"/>
                        <service name="Nitpicker"/>
                        <service name="Timer"/>
                        <service name="Nic"/>
                <start name="testapp">
                        <binary name="testapp"/>
                        <resource name="RAM" quantum="4M"/>
                                <service name="Timer"><parent/></service>
                                <service name="Input"><child
                                <service name="Framebuffer"><child

Am I missing something?

Cheers, Markus

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